Ventilation Hygiene

The environmental hygiene division of Sonder Heating and Ventilation Ltd. was formed from a requirement by some of our customers to clean the grilles and diffusers of their heating and ventilation systems as an addition to the standard service visits carried out by our engineers. In 1985 this hygiene clean became a separate operation.
After a long discussion with other leading Duct Hygiene cleaning companies, we decided to invest in formal training of our Ventilation Hygiene technicians and new high specification cleaning equipment. (compressed air systems, machine brush systems, manual brush systems and survey equipment)

How can we help? As a specialist contractor in ventilation hygiene we can discuss and advise on the above regulations to help you take the necessary steps for compliance. This can be in the form of supplying written recommendations:
The simple contribution to your responsibility under the:
Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation
Untreated Ventilation Regulation 6: Refers to all mechanical ventilation systems and states that regular maintenance includes CLEANING AND TESTING
Clearly the first steps to be taken are to carry out a full risk assessment of associated plant and systems in order to put in place a program.

Before Cleaning


After Cleaning